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An Uneasy Mind

All old men seem to worry about the future but just because we all worry does not seem to be a good reason for me not to worry. And worry, I do. I am increasingly convinced that I grew up in a very unusual time and one in which I was greatly blessed. I am equally convinced that the blessings of the Fifties and Sixties are greatly threatened by a number of very troubling issues. In the pages that follow, I lay out my gloomy scenario. I doubt that anyone will want to read about my fears for the future, but I feel compelled to put my concerns on paper, partly because I believe that despite my worries life is malleable and that we can do things to ameliorate matters. The topics that I plan to cover are wide ranging. They include:

  • Global warming
  • Unchecked immigration
  • The failure of democracy
  • Income inequality
  • The unfolding of the public sphere
  • Marks of a good life
  • The collapse of religion




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