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Topics include Accounting, Economics, Finance, Politics and Religion


Welcome to this website, which I have called Michael's Musing. Click on Musing Away to arrive at my current blog, covering general events such as politics, economics, and my life. Click on Monday Faith to read my blog on the connection between faith and daily life. Also see Monday Faith.

This website has links to all kinds of things that have interested me over the years. Enjoy browsing. There is no need to register. There is a search box and a sitemap at the right of this page.

I used to keep an associated WordPress blog at, but have decided to scrap that. Some notes about that blog and blogging at michael's blog and my old teaching notes at class notes. I am the author of Accounting Theory and am working on a Modern Principles text – read more at the links. I still gather up accounting news as time and inclination permits. You can find that at News. I have decided to create a sort of electronic publication from the papers, essays, reports and presentations that I have presented over my lifetime. You can find the very beginnings of that at michael life. I am increasingly disturbed by where the world is going and am going to post my Cassandra-like comments at the worldtoday. I would love to hear from you at mvanbreda at me dot com. I am starting a section on the big move. You can find my various notes here. I have decided to create what I am calling a bitty blog to capture the bits and pieces that catch my eye but do not warrant a full-blown blog. I am also going to blog my return to Cape Town in a section that I am calling gidding. I have moved my occasional political and economic comments to daily comments. My latest idea is to create an autobiography. And then there are the news stories that captured my eye.

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