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Rondebosch United Church

Rondebosch united is very proud of the many volunteers who serve the church. We are a small church but an extraordinarily active one. Our activities fall into four categories:


Worship involves both the Sunday morning service where we offer praise to God and evangelisation in which we spread the good news of the gospel. Robert Steiner, our minister, has primary responsibility for our worship but is supported in this by our organist and our Worship Committee. The youth and the children leave in the middle of the service to go to their “Holy Circus.” Once a month, the church celebrates Sundays at Belmont where the gospel is applied to difficult issues confronting us in the world. Robert's sermons are available at sermons.


The church has numerous opportunities for congregants to get to know one another. There is a Hospitality Committee, a Pastoral Committee and a Prayer Group.


The church is involved in numerous outreach activities. These include a Prison Ministry, a weekly Reading & Storytelling group, embrace, soup kitchen, neighbourhood planning . . .


In support of the above activities we have a church secretary and a church caretaker. A Church Council oversees all the activities while a Finance Committee prepares the budget and oversees the financial affairs of the church as well as its maintenance.

Committee Work

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