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Monday Faith

This is my attempt to tie the lessons that we learn on Sunday with the challenges that we encounter on Monday.

This rather stark page will be prettied up as time permits. At this stage it is more of a link to my new blog that is being hosted by Wordpress. Please go there to find the essays and comments that were hosted for many months at BlogHarbor, which provided me with excellent and recommendable service.

I have discovered along the way that I am not the only one to think about “monday faith.” I plan to also use this page to link you to those other resources on the web that challenge us to think about our faith on a daily basis. Central of course to any thinking about faith in daily life is Benedict of Ursa and we will find occasion to create links to Benedictines of many stripes.

I hope that you will visit me at Monday Faith at Word Press and share with me your life's adventures. For the topic areas on which I have written and on which I value your thoughts see the next page labeled mondayfaithtopics

Liberals are tightwads

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