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If you want to know a little more about me and my current research interests, check out my biography. Also check out my progress on my book Accounting Theory and another on Modern Accounting, which is my new version of Principles Based Accounting. I have also just started a section on Standards in Retrospect. You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. I am currently the IT coordinator for the Mountain Club of South Africa. You can contact me at SMU.My latest effort is a joint one with my professor son at Financial Resilience.

You can find my old class notes at Class notes. These notes are organized by class. I also have a separate section on my executive education classes. If you have been in one of my classes whether degreed or continuing Executive Education, these two pages will lead you to suggested readings.

Are you an accounting student? Or interested in my Accounting Theory text? If so, go directly to my accounting index page, which will link you to whatever you need. For someone coming fresh to the subject, the place to begin is with my Introduction to Accounting.

Faculty trying to keep up with the flood of accounting information and worrying about what convergence will mean for their classroom should check out my accounting news section.I have also begun an updates page.

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