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Accounting News

Several years ago in a fit of altruism, I created a site to capture accounting news in the thought that it would be of help to others. Sadly that drew no takers. I am beginning to recreate that website here but now it is for my purpose only. Having taught accounting for decades, I remain very interested in the subject. This section of my website will capture items that catch my attention. The original website, now transferred here, was an attempt to keep up with news about standard setting.

News bulletins & Updates

Accounting Topics

Accounting Standards

  • iasb_standards This lists the IFRS standards and changes that have or are planned.
  • FASB Standards are old notes on selected (superseded) standards.
  • asc-topics will cover individual elements in the database
  • updates will cover proposed changes, while projects will cover the studies that the IASB and the FASB have underway.
  • Institutions I have added a page to cover the multiplicity of organizations that have sprung up.

Teaching Notes

  • Teaching notes My own idiosyncratic thoughts on how we should be teaching specific areas in accounting. This includes notes on using the Codification database in class.
  • Government accounting This gets its own headline because I am greatly distressed by the nonsense that drives the current political debate. I have blogged on this over the years and include my non-political, let's “understand the accounting” comments here.

Helpful hints

A red link means that nothing is attached to that link; a green link means that there is a page that is attached. Below this page there is a small, orange link that creates an RSS feed that will give you an e-mail every time something is added to this website – contact me if you don't know how to make an RSS link.

At the top right is a box labeled “Recent changes” that does what it says. Next to that is an open box that will search the site for any term that you want. Down below on the right you will find a site map that might be of use. At the top of many pages, you will find an indented back link. Suggestions for how to make this more useful for you are more than welcomed. You can contact me at Michael


rough notes ~ just my own scratchings mainly of things that I have to do!

My original introduction said there is an impossible flood of accounting news these days, making it especially hard for nontenured professors who are trying to get research out the door and students with a full course load to keep up. This site is intended to provide a digest of the news and links to where to find more details. I am equally overwhelmed so if anyone else wants to contribute, I would be delighted to share this website with you. I am also going to use this website to place a few more personal suggestions on things that we should be teaching and ways that we should be teaching. I am hoping that this will be of particular interest to those interested in the potential convergence of US GAAP and international IFRS.

1) News bulletins are referenced to the specific topic and dated when I find them – not when they appeared.:-/
2) These topics are cross-linked to a full list of Codification topics and a Cross Reference Guide from McGladrey & Pullen is provided.
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